Our Raidem X licenses

It has an internal setup that is programmed to analyse and collect all market information and place orders accordingly.
Once you have purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with the registration procedure. Once your registration is complete, we will install the bot on your account within 24-72 hours, the settings are already programmed into the bot, there are no changes to be made.


15% of profit sharing

15% profit sharing of Raidem X instead of 30% of Raidem Bot

Same strategy

The same strategy but more profits for you. You will be able to enjoy the same gains and results that our favorite bot has been offering for all these years

+30% gain over 2 years

+30% gain over 2 years compared to the gains you would have obtained on Raidem Bot

Why Raidem X is different from Raidem Bot ?

It is the SAME duplicated bot but with a profit sharing of 15% and not 30%.

Raidem X is dedicated to long term investments. It will allow you to obtain more consequent results on the long term and multiply your assets more quickly.

Do not work for the money, make the money work for you... Make money automatically.
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