#Raidem Team

Maxime Konkine


I wanted to give you the opportunity to dream bigger and see the world differently. Take massive action, be proud of yourself.

• Expert investor in financial markets.
• Consultant in business strategy (+15 companies supported).
• Lecturer in human psychology and personal development.

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Anthony Debit


I will take you to the top of your goals. We are all born to shine, let's seize the opportunity together.

• 8 years experience in E-commerce.
• Specialized in business management and development.
• Founder of a web agency, having generated +1.8 Million $ of turnover in 3 years.

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Guillaume Duportal


I have been trading and creating bots for over 15 years. Luck is what happens when preparation meets the opportunity.

• 15+ years of experience in creating trading bot.
• Managed over $10 million in investment funds.
• Expert trader developing innovative and efficient algorithms.

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