Raidem, also known as Raidem Bot or Raidem X, is a form of artificial intelligence that automatically makes trades.
The algorithm has been set up to calculate and forecast different market movements via different indicators known from trading.
The robot was designed by our trader, Guillaume Duportal, with more than 15 years of experience and expert in the financial market.
After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with the registration procedure.

We have created for you a registration tutorial as well as all the necessary documents to activate the bot on the purchase email.
Yes, you have to create a company account at one of the brokers with which we are doing business and buy a new license on our website if you already have a license as a customer. Only one license per account
We offer our customers daily 24/7 support via e-mail:

You can also ask all your questions on our Discord. We will be happy to answer all your questions. To join, just click here:
Monthly expect earnings vary between 6% - 14% depending on the month. You can deposit and withdraw at anytime.
We accept cryptocurrencies for licences.
The minimum fund requirement to start is $500 and the lot size is set automatically by EA based on your capital.
Yes. You can withdraw at any time 24/7. We can never block your funds, as your money is secured on the relevant broker's account, you have total control over deposits and withdrawals.
Let's take an example. You bought the advanced license ($500 to $5000) and you deposit $4000.
For the moment, everything is ok.

You let the robot work, and you reach $5001.
If you don't upgrade to the pro license, our verification software will launch an alert and stop the robot on your account until you get your pro license ($5000 to $50,000).

We thank you for respecting the licenses for the good functioning of RAIDEM.
Yes, we accept customers from all over the world.
Clients from the US and China must first send an email to before starting the account opening procedure with the selected broker.
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